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Fukuro obi /playing

This is the pouch belt used for the image on the top page of this website. The motif is a five-stringed biwa (Japanese lute) in mother-of-pearl inlay from the Shosoin Treasure House. Shosoin is the treasure house of the capital of Nara. The name “Nara no Miyako” reminded me of Isenotaifu’s poem “Inishie no Nara no Miyako no Yaezakura kyou kokonoe ni nioinurukana” from the Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Tanka Poems). I therefore designed the obi drum a scene of a male black musk swallowtail playing a biwa amidst the yaezakura. I also designed a story in which a white female swallowtail on one side of the front body delivers a bachi to the male drummer. The color of the male and female swallowtails is so different. This obi is reversible, so you can also enjoy the other side with only the branches of the yaezakura.

Nagoya obi / Apple guard

In Aomori, there is a cat that protects plucked apples from rodents. Inspired by this, I made this Nagoya obi. This obi has two front bodies: One is a simple butterfly playing, and the other is a cat idling about on an apple. You can enjoy both sides. The drum part is a cat climbing on an apple tree.

Haneri (kimono replaceable neck piece) / Apple Orchard

Apple blossoms are red like apples, depending on the variety, and change color from red to pink to white as they open. The expression of the apple is richly expressed. The pattern is different on the left and right sides.

Ultra Small Rikyu Bag / Coffee Cherry Hammock

This is a small, cute Rikyu bag that you can carry like an accessory. This work was created by imagining my cat Mocha napping in a hammock of coffee cherries. It has a sparkling Swarovski zipper.

Height 10.5cm, Width 20cm, Depth 10cm

Horizontal Rikyu bag / Pansy Wave

The motif is a cute fairy playing in a wave of pansies. It has a zipper that opens from the center. Since it is a Rikyu bag, there are low angle pockets on the front and back. There is a handle cover with crystals, beads, and natural stones stitched in the same fabric. The design goes well with kimonos with long and narrow silhouettes.

Height 12.5 cm, Width 28 cm, Depth 10 cm

Kinpuu Fukusa / Tama-tori Karashishi

Kinpuu Fukusa for congratulatory gifts. A light beige obi with shining gold threads is embroidered with auspicious tama-tori karashishi (Chinese lions) using silk threads, gold threads, crystals, and other materials. The lining, which peeks out a little, is a silver starry red-purple obi with a glamorous and luxurious finish.

Rikyu bag / Tiara and butterfly

This is a small bag for kimono. The design is of a butterfly perched on a tiara. It may be lacking due respect, but the motif is actually the new Reiwa empress. I used the colors of the junihitoe ceremonial kimono as a reference.

Height 14.2cm, Width 25cm, Depth 10cm

Haneri (kimono replaceable neck piece) / Snowflake and Karahana

It is an auspicious pattern that is considered to be a lucky omen. I stitched it with the image of large variegated polka dots. Both can be worn regardless of the season. Express your individuality with a haneri (kimono replaceable neck piece). The pattern is different on each side.

Obi-dome / Butterfly

Butterfly obidome matching the “Snowflake and Karahana” haneri (kimono replaceable neck piece).

Haneri (kimono replaceable neck piece) / Drooping Cherry Blossoms and Butterflies

I made a gorgeous haneri (kimono replaceable neck piece) with cherry blossoms (a special flower for Japanese people) and butterflies (symbols of rebirth and flight). The pattern is different on the left and right sides.

Necklace / DANCE!

I was so moved by passionate, strong and beautiful dancers that I tried to give them shape. Here are three shots: the front overall view, from the right and from the left off-center. The main materials used are gold thread, silk thread, jet, glass beads, and acrylic beads, which are very light. I used haute couture embroidery and Japanese embroidery techniques to express it three-dimensionally.

Brooch / Wild Strawberry

I made this gorgeous, three-dimensional bouquet of wild strawberries bound with ribbon into a brooch. I made it from a memory of eating strawberries secretly at school with my friends when I was in elementary school. The beaded stems and silver thread ribbon are both wired so they can be shaped as you like. It can also be made into a pendant by attaching a chain. The wild strawberries are natural garnet stones. The leaves are made of two different colors of silver thread and beads.

Necklace / Champagne colored angel

This is a gorgeous angel necklace. The ribbon at the neck and the halo of the angel are bead-embroidered and then cut-worked so they show through the skin beautifully. It is a tribute to K. Perry, who participated in the 2018 MET GALA.

Corsage / Hyacinth

This is a realistic hyacinth corsage. The flowers, stems, and leaves are all wired so they can be shaped as desired. It measures 13 cm (length) x 11 cm (width), and the size of the small flowers is about the size of a ring. Flowers and leaves are silk thread. The stems are beads. The leaves have onyx rhinestones as accents.

Collar necklace / Karamatsu

This collar-type necklace is paired with a wisteria peacock brooch. It is designed with the auspicious patterns of hemp leaves (life force and protection from evil) and Karamatsu (sacredness). Silk thread, Czech Charlotte beads, and Venetian beads are used for the center of the pine tree.

Brooch / Wisteria Peacock

This elegant and gorgeous brooch is made with plenty of silk threads for Japanese embroidery, colored gold threads (purple), silver threads and Czech Charlotte beads. The tail is a wisteria flower. Each wisteria flower is made three-dimensionally. The peacock represents wealth and nobility, the wisteria represents vitality, the scales on the body symbolize the elimination of evil and rebirth, and the snowflake pattern on the waist symbolizes a bountiful harvest. Inside the wisteria is the gorgeous Goshoguruma pattern. All of them are traditional Japanese auspicious patterns, appropriate for all sorts of happy occasions. This is a set piece, the third photo shows it worn with the matching necklace.

Corsage / Monotone pansy bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet of pansies is embroidered with silk threads and sequins. You can also use the included braid to give it expression. You can arrange the petals as you like.